Children's Lessons

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Pony Play
Thornton Park offers a selection of beginner to novice children's horse riding and fun pony care classes from 4 years of age, the range of classes starts with our fun pony care class 'Pony Pals' which is all about learning about ponies using pony learning games, this class is specifically aimed at younger children.
The next level is our very popular 'Pony Play' classes, which combines learning to ride with learning to care and handle a pony , this type of class helps the child's confidence and is a great stepping stone to moving to the next horse riding group level lessons.
Pony Pals is the most suitable class for an introduction to ponies and pony care for young children.
Pony Play is the most suitable riding class for all Beginner & Novice Children from 5-9 years of age

Group Horse Riding Lessons
For all children who can ride in walk and trot competently we offer group lessons for an hour, group lessons are available daily and we have classes to suit all levels.

Children preparing for a Horse Riding Lesson Saddle Up Club
Once a week on Monday afternoon we offer children's after school horse riding club-Saddle Up Club, it involves a horse riding lesson and instruction on learning how to care for a pony. Riders must be able to ride without a leader for this lesson.

Private & Semi Private Lesson
Private and Semi-Private Horse Riding Lessons are available for 30 Minutes for older beginners (9 Yrs Plus), these lessons are designed to help offer confidence and familiarity with the ponies. The 30 minute child's private lesson is a introduction to the basic aids, position and walk and trot, it is suitable for children from 9 years of age plus. We offer Semi-Private lessons (2 riders in a class) for children with no age restriction once they have reached 5 yrs of age, please contact the office for availability on 01-8351164.

Amy riding Bobby in her Horse Riding Lesson Pony Camps
During school breaks we organise a number of Pony Camps for children 7 yrs and over. Pony Camps are a fun way to learn how to look after a pony in a fully supervised environment; in addition children receive a daily lesson as well as fun lectures on care and management of ponies. Please telephone 01-8351164 for details on upcoming dates for Pony Camps.

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For details of all children's lessons available - select Children's Lesson Timetable.
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For all bookings please telephone: 01-8351164

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Summer Pony Camps
Our Summer Pony Camps will commence in July:  1 Day on any Camp:€50.00  2 Day Camp: €80.00 3 Day Camp:€120.00 Pony Camp A: 2nd, 3rd & 4th July from...

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